A Software For Therapeutic Boarding Schools

A Complete Toolkit To Support Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools for anxiety and depression, among other behavioral health needs, aim to provide a structured and nurturing setting to help students overcome challenges.

Our intuitive and customizable behavioral health software is designed to meet the needs of therapeutic boarding schools head-on, alleviating common pain points and setting them up for success. With Ritten’s EMR software, therapeutic boarding schools can streamline administrative tasks, improve communication and staff efficiency, and enhance the quality of care provided to students. 

Integrated Scheduling

Enable staff to effectively manage therapy sessions, academic classes, medical appointments, and extracurricular activities

Easily start and audit notes directly from your calendar

Ensure coordination across different aspects of their treatment and education

Dedicated Portal for Secure Communication

Send important progress updates between providers, therapists, and guardians through a safe and secure messaging platform

Can support multiple guardians per student or multiple students for each guardian

Send and receive academic reports, consent forms, medication updates, and more

Efficient Documentation & Centralized Record Keeping

Customizable notes and progress templates designed to suit each student’s unique requirements

Easily document individual and group therapy sessions

Store and manage health and treatment records in a secure & centralized platform

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