Simple software for complex treatment

Behavioral Healthcare can be complicated. Your EMR shouldn't be.

We help you deliver personalized, data-informed care

We're built for the unique workflows of behavioral health providers.


Drive referrals

Grow your program by managing critical relationships and communication with referents, families, and multi-disciplinary treatment teams.


Streamline billing

Reduce time spent auditing charts and validate your billing census quickly and accurately with a platform designed for bundled and unbundled claims.


Understand & monitor outcomes

Track client progress and support clinical decision making in real time with standard assessments or custom measures. Leverage data from notes, and assessments to help manage your practice.


Who is Ritten for?

We help programs across the continuum of care.

Outpatient Providers

Intensive Outpatient Providers

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Residential Treatment Centers

Detox Facilities

Outpatient Providers

Intensive Outpatient Providers

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Residential Treatment Centers

Detox Facilities

The features you need, all working together


Manage your documentation

Easily create and modify unique documentation for different services in our intuitive form builder.


Manage complex schedules

Our calendar is built to enable rapid charting for unique services and groups.


Document groups with ease

Our platform makes it easy to rapidly track attendance and customize your group notes.


Maintain compliance easily

Save time and find peace of mind with automatic alerts for missing and incomplete documentation.

Customer testimonials

"I have worked in the addiction treatment space for years and had my fair share of frustration with using the 'right' EMR. Fortunately, my experience with Ritten has been nothing but fantastic. My customer support manager truly lives up to his title. Him and the Ritten team have gone above and beyond in making customized requests, even if it's outside of the scope of what they would normally provide. They're a phenomenal company that's data driven, personable and responsive. I wouldn't recommend any other EMR to a treatment provider."

Grant Schaefer

Executive Director, Soulful Recovery

“I have worked with several EHRs and found them cumbersome, medically focused and failing to meet the regulatory standards for mental health and substance use care.  Finding Ritten was refreshing.  Ritten was made for behavioral health, developed by IT professionals who listened to behavioral health  providers and paid attention to provider’s needs for compliance in documentation and structure.  Thanks, Ritten, for being responsive to what we needed.”

Chief Compliance Officer

Treatment Center, VA

"Over the years, my team and I have implemented and used multiple EMRs, each leading to similarly frustrating outcomes.  All of the platforms I’ve seen look really slick, until we get into the nuts and bolts of treatment delivery, at which point EMR designers are quick to tell me that we need to adjust our process in order to use the system to its full potential.  The team at Ritten is the first to ask how they can adjust their system to meet our needs.  And that makes all the difference."

Rick Barney

Co-Founder and CEO, Momentum Recovery

My treatment centers have used a few different EMRs in the past and I have personally demo’ed several over the years, each new one hits a mark or two but Ritten hits all the marks.

Adam Zagha

COO, Transcend Recovery

I've had the displeasure of using more EMR’s than I can count. Then came Ritten. The flow of work in the group encounters and client sections is both intuitive and rewarding. If I haven’t made myself clear: Ritten Rules.

Dallas Hancock

Owner, Behavioral Health Services of America

Working with Ritten is a complete 180 from every EMR experience we’ve had so far. The responsiveness is incredible. You guys actually get how our programs work.

Trevor Shevin

CEO, Sterling Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Behavioral Health Software

Why Should I Choose Ritten for My Behavioral Health EMR?

Many EMRs simply focus on compliance and billing. At Ritten, we strive to offer a robust solution for streamlining efficiency and growth for your practice. Our focus is to offer a behavioral health software that manages your documentation, schedules, compliance, billing, medication management, and patient outcomes all in one easy-to-use interface. Don’t take our word for. Click here to read why our clients love Ritten.

What Type of Providers Is Your Behavioral Health Software Designed for?

We work with providers across the continuum of care, from outpatient group practices to detox and residential treatment facilities. Some behavioral health specialties our software lends well to include substance abuse treatment centers, eating disorder centers, residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, and more.

Do You Have Integrated ePrescribing and Medication Management?

Yes. Ritten has a robust medication management tool, and an integration with DoseSpot's ePrescribing platform to send orders to the pharmacy without a separate login.

Can You Help Me Switch From My Previous Behavioral Healthcare EMR Provider?

Yes! Our dedicated onboarding team will help migrate your data and ensure a smooth transition from a prior platform.

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