Improved charting with AI

Easily create and modify unique documentation for individual and groups sessions with Ritten’s intuitive form builder. Supercharge your notes and assessment with AI powered note writing.

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Customize your documentation

Create and modify unique documentation for different services within Ritten’s behavioral health practice management software’s intuitive form builder.

Mange complex schedules

Ritten’s calendar is built to enable rapid charting for unique services and groups. Schedule complex recurring individual and group sessions, and start your notes right from the calendar.

Document groups with ease

Ritten’s behavioral health software makes it easy to rapidly track attendance, customize your notes for in person and telehealth groups.

Manage medication

Ritten’s behavioral health EMR allows you to create orders and seamlessly send prescriptions to the pharmacy with integrated eRX. Track medication administration and biometric data with our easy-to-use medication administration record.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I choose ritten for my behavioral health EMR?

Many EMRs simply focus on compliance and billing. At Ritten, we strive to offer a robust solution for streamlining efficiency and growth for your practice. Our focus is to offer a behavioral health software that manages your documentation, schedules, compliance, billing, medication management, and patient outcomes all in one easy-to-use interface. Don’t take our word for. Click here to read why our clients love Ritten.

What type of providers is your behavioral health software designed for?

We work with providers across the continuum of care, from outpatient group practices to detox and residential treatment facilities. Some behavioral health specialties our software lends well to include substance abuse treatment centers, eating disorder centers, residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, and more.

Do you have integrated ePrescribing and medication management?

Yes. Ritten has a robust medication management tool, and an integration with DoseSpot's ePrescribing platform to send orders to the pharmacy without a separate login.

Can you help me switch from my previous behavioral healthcare EMR provider?

Yes! Our dedicated onboarding team will help migrate your data and ensure a smooth transition from a prior platform.

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