Understanding the Pricing Behind EMRs

An EMR powers your organization’s most important workflows. Learn about the costs of an EMR system and why it could be the most important investment you make this year.

Choosing an EMR System Is An Important Task — Our Tips Make It Easier

Choosing an EMR system isn’t a decision to take lightly. We explore the key factors and functionalities to consider before you make a purchase.

Is the Behavioral Health Industry Recession-Proof? Recession Impacts on Behavior Health, How Facilities May Be Affected & How To Prepare

A recession has negative effects on the economy; but what might this mean for behavioral health issues and clinics? Learn how history may repeat itself & how clinics can prepare.

How To Migrate EMR Data and Successfully Transition Into New EMR Software

Migrating to a new EMR software is complex and the process shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are required ‘lines of effort’ and best practices to follow. Learn more with Ritten.

EMR Systems: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Electronic medical records are stored and utilized in EMR systems. Learn how EMR systems work and how they benefit clinicians with Ritten’s comprehensive overview.

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