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“Working with Ritten is a complete 180 from every EMR experience we’ve had so far. The responsiveness is incredible. You guys actually get how our programs work.”

Trevor Shevin

CEO, Sterling Recovery

“I've had the displeasure of using more EMR’s than I can count. Then came Ritten. The flow of work in the group encounters and client sections is both intuitive and rewarding. If I haven’t made myself clear: Ritten Rules.”

Dallas Hancock

Owner, Behavioral Health Services of America

"My treatment centers have used a few different EMRs in the past and I have personally demo’ed several over the years, each new one hits a mark or two but Ritten hits all the marks.”

Adam Zagha

COO, Transcend Recovery

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of providers do you work with?

We work with providers across the continuum of care, from outpatient group practices to detox and residential treatment facilities.

Do you have integrated ePrescribing and medication management?

Yes. Ritten has a robust medication management tool, and an integration with DoseSpot's ePrescribing platform to send orders to the pharmacy without a separate login.

What are the features of this platform?

Learn more about Ritten's features on the product page.

Will you help me switch from my old provider?

Yes! Our dedicated onboarding team will help migrate your data and ensure a smooth transition from a prior platform.

Still have a question? Email us info@ritten.io

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