EMR for Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

A Complete Set Of Tools To Support Outpatient & Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

Our intuitive and customizable behavioral health software is designed to meet the unique needs of eating disorder treatment centers. 

We understand the challenges of complex billing, rigorous compliance requirements, and the importance of improving outcomes. Our software empowers key workflows so that your facility can prioritize delivering excellent care.

Simplified Treatment Plan Management

Customizable notes and treatment plan templates tailored to the specific needs of the client

Match documentation requirements to specific service types for simplified workflows

Collaboration is made easier with secure access to a client’s treatment plan and seamless communication across a treatment team

Meal Completion Data Tracking

Create individualized nutrition plans that consider the dietary needs of each client

Track meal completion and nutritional intake

Monitor program compliance and record observations

Advanced Outcome & Assessment Tools

Track progress and make informed clinical decisions using standard assessment tools or custom measures

Easily chart & analyze individual client trends like anxieties and trends in behavior with Ritten’s robust analytics capabilities

Monitor symptoms and track treatment effectiveness

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