Residential Treatment Center Software

A Full Suite of Tools To Support Residental Treatment Centers

Our intuitive and customizable behavioral health software is designed to meet the unique needs of residential treatment centers. 

We understand the challenges of complex billing, rigorous compliance requirements, and the importance of improving outcomes. Our treatment center software empowers key workflows so that your facility can prioritize delivering excellent care.

Streamlined Treatment Plan Management

Customized notes and progress templates designed to suit each client’s unique requirements

Match documentation requirements with specific service types for seamless workflows

Facilitate easier collaboration through secure access to clients’ treatment plans and seamless communication across the treatment team

Contact portal that enables secure communication with families, outside providers, referents, and more.

Simplified Documentation

Customizable notes, assessments, and treatment plans

Out-of-the-box CARF and Joint Commission compliant forms

Simple documentation from intake to discharge, ensuring full coverage of the client journey

Advanced Outcome & Assessment Tools

Track progress and make informed clinical decisions using standard assessment tools or custom measures

Effortlessly chart and analyze individual client patterns with Ritten’s robust analytics capabilities

Closely monitor symptoms and track treatment efficacy

"Over the years, my team and I have implemented and used multiple EMRs, each leading to similarly frustrating outcomes.  All of the platforms I’ve seen look really slick, until we get into the nuts and bolts of treatment delivery, at which point EMR designers are quick to tell me that we need to adjust our process in order to use the system to its full potential.  The team at Ritten is the first to ask how they can adjust their system to meet our needs.  And that makes all the difference."

Rick Barney

Co-Founder and CEO, Momentum Recovery

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