Building the future of behavioral healthcare tools

We believe in better healthcare tools, and we're bringing the software expertise to build them

The future of behavioral health is data driven

Critical information lives in routine notes and assessments. We believe that unlocking that data will drive better outcomes.

Software should help

Too often, EMRs are a burden for providers, used only for compliance and billing instead of a tool to power your workflow and unlock otherwise hidden insights. We are trying to change that through our behavioral health EMR.

The time for better tech is now

Health technology, and behavioral health software, in particular, has lagged beyond other enterprise software for too long. Treatment programs are ready for change. We aim to lead that transformation.

“I've had the displeasure of using more EMR’s than I can count. Then came Ritten.”

Dallas Hancock

Owner, Behavioral Health Services of America

Our leadership team

Noah Whitehead
CEO & Co-Founder
Gabe Szczepanek
CTO & Co-Founder

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